7 Strategies to Navigate the Noise

Ever wonder if you’re focused on the right things? This question also haunted me for the first ten years out of college. Before I developed a stronger sense of strategy, I lacked direction and failed to grasp the nuance of the long game. Only after I armed myself with better strategies was I able to create more opportunities to take thoughtful action in a way that connected my guiding principles with my day-to-day.

This book is all about sharpening your strategic mind, taking thoughtful action, and living on your own terms. Each chapter tracks a foundational strategy exemplified by an influential historical figure–from Marcus Aurelius and Queen Elizabeth to Caterina Sforza and Charles Darwin.

The goal of this format is not a “how-to” but rather a sequence of stories that you can interpret for yourself based on your own situation, priorities, and blend of experiences. If you want to waste fewer actions, live on your own terms, and create something meaningful, this book is for you.