Hi there – I'm Alex Hughes, I'm a writer and software product manager based in Nashville, TN. I am also a current advisor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and help guide entrepreneurs in the ideation, creation, and launch of their early-stage startups.

A few cornerstones of my own philosophy:

I started a social enterprise company in my early 20s called FarmScout. FarmScout was an interactive search tool and resource to help communities discover, engage, and grow the local food movement. Our efforts resulted in updates to more than 25% of farmers markets, nationwide, in the USDA database. I led the company from the initial concept through its successful acquisition in December 2016.

Writing is my method of learning and teaching, both myself and others. It helps me refine my thoughts into their most useful form. Many of my ideas have their foundations in Stoicism–a school of philosophy quite different from the modern definition of the word. I have found it to be the best tool in cultivating an unwavering sense of awareness, appreciation, and rationality.

Thanks for taking time to stop by. Feel free to reach out and introduce yourself!