Hi there – I'm Alex Hughes, I'm a writer and product manager based in Nashville, TN. I’m also an advisor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center where I help guide entrepreneurs in the ideation, creation, and launch of their early-stage startups.

I help smart creatives who wonder if they’re focused on the right things build a deeper understanding of strategies they can use to recognize the right opportunities and live on their own terms.

I write about focus, strategy, and growth. But here’s the thing, I’m on the ground-floor doing the work, living these ideas, and stress testing them each day. Not just reading or writing about them. These strategies aren’t theoretical, they’re practical, functional, and relevant to your life. 

Around here, you won’t get bombarded with daily motivational emails, abstract mental models, or traditional self-help crap. I research artists, scientists, philosophers, and entrepreneurs throughout history who have created meaningful work and struggled with what it means to live intelligently and creatively.


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